Raw Chicken For Dogs

Published: 03rd March 2009
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Many Dog owners have a real issue with feeding raw food to their Dogs.

We forget that Dogs are natural meat eaters and no wild Dog or Wolf has ever decided to cook its food before eating!

Raw meat and bones are one of the best treats you could give to your Dog and will have the added advantage of keeping their teeth clean.

Raw Chicken for Dogs is a fantastic treat. They can eat the whole bird with no adverse consequences. Raw Chicken bones are soft and easily crunched up and digested by your Dog. There is no need to be concerned. Chicken Wings are a great favourite for Dogs. Cheap and easy to give as a great, tasty treat.

Much better is to buy a whole Chicken and cut it in to pieces. You can then treat your Dog on occasion with a super snack. They love munching on Chicken necks as well.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is the sharp needle like bone in the Chicken thigh. Remove it before feeding the thigh to your Dog. It is very sharp and may cause injury. Apart from this all other parts of the Chicken are great for your Dog. You will be amazed how much they will appreciate this fantastic treat. Once you have begun to feed raw Chicken you will wish you had done it before.

It is a simple yet super tasty treat for your beloved Dog. Why not try it and see how much they enjoy it?

If you have any concerns talk to your Vet about it beforehand. Just remember never to feed cooked bones to a Dog. Cooked bones are very brittle and can cause untold damage in a Dog.

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